Our Story

Visual cultivator

We design. We create. We make delightful things! Green Grass Design, as a specialist design studio, has also created a unique environment for our designers, other staff and those in our up-skilling workshops, to develop beautiful products. This allows us to flourish and create freely, keeping our passions fired up in a tactile way.

For our shop, we use laser cutting (we have three in-house machines) and together with various handwork skills, produce unique products that are conceptual, beautiful and functional. All of our products are designed and manufactured in-house. We are proudly South African and our products reflect an eclectic mix of all of our different cultural roots.

Read more about our sustainability and recycling ethos below.

Think sustainably
Our materials and recycling ethos

Managing waste, and adhering to our principles around the materials we use, is a primary consideration of every design. Our products are made from paper, recycled wood and Perspex – all of which are recycled and re-recyclable. We minimise waste by finding uses for even the smallest offcut. We recycle with Whole Earth Recycling and, for our Perspex offcuts, with Al’s Recycling. Our customers are also welcome to bring any damaged and unused Perspex to our shop for recycling. Let’s make a difference together.